Vyatta driver sd needs updating Videochat rutule

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Nolle said Juniper may also be offering the v MX as part of its overall cost-cutting strategy."Since they are on a cost-cutting strategy to make Wall Street happy, virtualizing everything and [moving away] from hardware makes their costs go down," Nolle said."If you're going to bring out a virtual router, you've got to do something to establish a mission for it that is incremental to, instead of competitive to, your MX," Nolle said.Nolle suspects that Juniper is losing out on some hardware sales to virtual routers from Brocade and Cisco and has decided it's better to defend against those products than adhere to hardware purity.

"Any time I [as a network operator] update the baseline OS [to support a new line card], that forces me into qualification testing of 12 to 18 months," Liu said.

"We made improvements to Junos [so that] when we introduce a new line card, you don't need to upgrade the operating system anymore. This allows you to be more surgical around the testing that you have to do.

You just spot test the new line card and put it into production right away.

Juniper, like most of those vendors, lacks an essential piece to make NFV a turnkey product that service providers can deploy.

"The MANO [management and orchestration] function is missing. "[Vendors] are coming up with a platform that could support someone else's [MANO] orchestration], but you have to ask, why is the guy who has the orchestration going to make room for someone else's platform?

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