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But that doesn’t matter in EMK’s world, where hot air goes to flourish and brain cells go to die. As an intelligent woman, you’ve probably even noticed patterns in your behavior. Your refusal to settle with the wrong guy, no matter what. It’s not necessarily that women desire taller men (and it’s certainly not an innate preference in any case), it’s that many men refuse to date women who are taller than themselves because it makes them feel “emasculated” (and I won’t even get into what a stupid fucking concept is).

Likewise, many men don’t like it when their female partners are smarter and/or more successful than they are, because men have been conditioned to believe that the male half of the species is the superior one and a lot of men don’t like having women around whose superior intellect and/or economic standing serve as constant reminders that maybe this isn’t necessarily the case. Let’s pin this one on women as some sort of character defect posses in order to justify yelling at us for having the nerve to refuse to settle for the wrong guy. As a mildly amusing aside, the poor little guy must’ve been really unpopular with the ladies at some point in his life because he sounds kind of bitter about women’s freedom to refuse to settle for boring old dry toast when there are so many bright and tasty pop-tarts to pick from.

Thanks to his completely shitty and depressing advice and the gaggle of MRA [1] goobers who insist on frequenting the comments section, the general mood of the blog is super duper gross and obnoxious and decidedly anti-female.I have been practicing the tools for about 6 months now and I feel a major transformation taking place. If it doesn't take WORK for them to have you, then, in their minds, you aren't worth having.I finally have the lean back tool conquered, and it has worked wonders. But for us, making a man WORK for us seems horrible. For them to WORK to have sex with us seems like a form of prostitution - so we have sex with them even when they treat us badly, ignore us, or just simply are passive about the whole thing, like Michelle's man. If we're easy - and this holds true for the entire length of a relationship or marriage, all the way to the end of life together! I want to help you with your particular situation, no matter where you're at.In this, the first in a series [2] of posts about EMK, we’re going to examine his general (unspoken, of course, because he can’t just come right out and say he hates women and believes them to be inferior) philosophy, which is that women today are failing in relationships because economic independence and changing social mores allow us, to a certain extent, to go about our lives acting like regular humans instead of accepting our natural role as submissive little dimwits whose primary purpose in life is to serve men, fuck them on demand, raise their children, and basically wipe their asses for them.Thanks to the efforts of women’s rights movements over the last several decades, we’re relatively independent and (apparently) the poor men just don’t like it when we get to do our lives on terms, and this is why so many of us can’t seem to find ourselves a man. Reverse this order by asking him out, initiating sex, asking for commitment, or proposing marriage, and a masculine guy will feel, well, emasculated.

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