Dating love site in solomon islands

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Santa Isabel is hardly ever stirred by tourist activity, and if you do go there you may find yourself a lone adventurer in this 240 km long island!

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It is truly a land of immense diversity, and here you get a chance to experience a range of topological contrasts - from mountain peaks enclosed in thick forests, immense volcanoes, gushing waterfalls, thick rainforests covered in static mist, to tiny islands peeping out of the water, quiet still lagoons, and sparkling coral reefs!All this variety earns the Solomon Islands the distinction of being the most diverse group of islands in the Pacific Ocean!The Solomons cover an area of 28,000 square km and are composed of more than 990 islands.This is something you will come to appreciate as you travel Solomon Islands more and more, especially when sometimes you feel you are the only tourist adventurously exploring the sparsely populated islands.And the funny part is, sometimes, that just might be true!

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