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But then I got a message in response to a post I had placed on a site for guys looking to meet other guys with a focus on BDSM. He lived on the other side of the country and claimed to be nearing 35.While he was careful not to share too much personal information, he did mention that he was married to a woman and that he considered himself to be “slightly bi”.Some of the stuff he was into wasn’t really my thing.For example, he told told me he liked using toys and hinted that he sometimes he got turned on by doing video shows for groups.

And since I discovered this site from the infamous Data Lounge, I figured why not share my shit here.Not that I am a prude but I’ve never been into the multiple viewer thing. As we continued the messages back and forth, he tried to be charming and threw out a bunch of compliments.I shared with him that I was basically just into JO and some dirty talk. “Hey, you have an amazing body,” and “Come on man, you have to let me see you for just a minute.” It had been awhile since anyone had said those kinds of things to me and to keep it real, I was vulnerable because I had recently hit the big four-oh.By: Anonymous I want to preface what I am going to share here with a confession.I’m one of those guys who likes to do the whole video thing because I’m super shy when it comes to meeting people, let alone sex.

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