Intimidating male actors

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He also thanked Snake, saying that The Boss would be proud of him.

His last words were, "I can return to the forest at last," before his microbomb detonated.

With The Fear departing to halt the progress of her former disciple, The Boss assured Volgin that Snake would be "ended" by the famed sniper, should the time come.

After the meeting concluded, The End was wheeled back inside the warehouse by one of the GRU sentries.

When in a prone position, he became "one" with the area; his body temperature lowered so that it was close to that of the surrounding foliage.

This made spotting him with thermal goggles difficult.

Adding even more to his formidable arsenal was his own body which was said to have been photosynthetic.

In battle, he blocked out everything except his targets, allowing himself to focus on his "hunt." Because he was very old and incredibly close to death, he would often fall asleep during battle.Due to his advanced age, his sleeping body was carried there in a wheelchair by The Fear.The End was conserving his remaining energy until the time came for his battle with Snake.Later, Skull Face would use that same parasite to create his own elite unit, and begin a scheme to kill English as a language (as the parasite only grows malignant when its host speaks a certain language, making ideal as an ethnicity-targeting weapon).It is noted that after dying his flesh did not decompose as his cells were still metabolizing due to the parasites.

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