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Power is concentrated in the hands of the Santos family!

But please be warned, this is not for the weak hearted and the mentally slow people…

Another FYM Foundation, yet hidden in the dark as its invisible and mysterious twin sister?



Open a web browser and open com Go to the upper right side (Google Custom Search bar) and enter “Felix Y.from the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission and have the files pulled from their SEC Database and sent over for your viewing pleasure: First is for the Felix Y.They will come up with anything and everything, EXCEPT THE TRUTH!So be Minister enough to face the consequences of your corruption, step aside and invite an open and transparent investigation of the allegations against you and let the whole church know that the IGLESIA NI CRISTO DOES NOT CONDONE ANY FORM OF CORRUPTION.anybody with a heart condition, or if you have a pacemaker, please do not go beyond this point……been warned.

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