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After the reception, the newlywed couple would go to their home and rest for one week.Though many of these practices are considered archaic, some of these wedding traditions are upheld today, many of which involve food.Everyone is invited to celebrate the momentous occasion, and it is not uncommon for uninvited guests from nearby villagers to show up as well.

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Click here to read about Jamaica's culinary styles.At the ceremony, the bride was walked down the aisle by both her mother and her father, or just her father.Rarely was a bride escorted by her mother if the father was out of the picture.A look back at the wedding customs of Jamaica will prove that the islanders have, in the past, had a different idea of what makes a wedding great.You may find that these time-honored traditions speak to you, and want to incorporate them into your own wedding, or you may just find it an interesting read.

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