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One approach is not strictly the best solution for all business requirements.

In the next couple of sections we'll outline what are the important questions to consider when choosing one approach over another.

The main beauty of a view is that it can be used like a table in most situations, but unlike a table, it can encapsulate very complex calculations and commonly used joins.

It can also use pretty much any object in the db except for stored procedures.

Views are one of the greatest things invented since sliced bread.Views are most useful when you always need to join the same set of tables say an Order with an Order Detail to get summary calculation fields etc.3 In many databases Views are read-only and complex views are rarely updateable.Note that for example some databases such as Oracle, Postgre SQL, MS SQL Server , SQLite will allow you to update even a complex view by using an instead of trigger or rule against the view.My SQL 5, MS SQL Server and some others automatically make one table views updateable.

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