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The Updater will search silently for updates and automatically install all updates; this has the same effect as the /silent option if the user has selected the "Check and automatically install all updates" option in the configuration dialog.

If the check frequency has not passed or there are no updates available, the Updater will exit immediately.

When enabling automatic updates capability to your application, a copy of the Updater (having the name you specify) and the INI configuration file will be inserted into the install package.

The executable will not be launched if the updates are installed successfully.For example, you could add a menu option that will launch the Updater.To do that just execute the Updater tool with the "/checknow" command line, when that menu option is selected.The Updater checks if new updates are available and gets a return code (see the Updater return codes section). Start the Updater using /checknow, /silent, /silentall or /silentcritical if you want to download and install updates. These credentials are encrypted, stored per-user on the client machine and are used when a proxy or web server requires authentication.You can call this command multiple times to have the Updater remember multiple passwords.

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